I originally trained as a painter and my chosen means of expression is now silkscreen. I discovered that screenprinting can be approached in a manner similar to painting. The essence of the medium allows me to be both precise and spontaneous. Whether I am choosing to make an edition or a monoprint, I start with some pre-planning. My ideas typically evolve as I am printing. Background textures, images and colors coalesce as the work progresses. I will add to a print until I sense that it is complete and has reached its certain conclusion. The fundamental nature of screenprinting gives credence to the belief that one more element is always possible. When to stop is the abiding problem and my mantra to remember.


My print editions are 30 x 22”, with six to eight prints in an edition. Some works are smaller in size and can include previous prints cut-up and reworked, with the additions of newer more current imagery. My recent work combines abstract and realistic designs. All my art is initially hand-drawn and then processed for silkscreening. A few prints include social content, but now most are more personal and reflect my joy in the “Zen of screenprinting," both in their creation and their often surprising results.